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Welcome to my website. Here you will find a portfolio of works I've completed in my endless pursuit of creative expression. I've dabbled in several different mediums, many on a whim, and some from a life long love for the art form.

I am a Duluth native who has had an affinity for the outdoors since I was a child, resulting in a close relationship with the Boundary Waters Canoe Area and boreal forests that encompass northern Minnesota. I love everything wild, and express myself through various creative mediums, hoping to inspire a love for the environment in those who view my art. When not pursuing creative endeavors, I spend my time going on outdoor adventures. My favorite outdoor activities include rock climbing, ice climbing, camping, fishing, and acro yoga.

Thanks for taking a look, Enjoy!

Love, Mikayla


Clyde Fox Creative is a space for me to share my artistic collaborations, experiments, and expressions.


I've worked with various artists and small businesses in the Twin Ports area to produce videos and graphics that meet individual needs. I've also created several videos and graphics for fun. I am currently working on putting a documentary together. This documentary will highlight my love for our avian friends, and how important it is that we speak up and stand for the living beings we love who cannot stand for themselves.

This site also functions as a portfolio for my paintings. I am currently working on a collection featuring winter landscapes, highlighting activities that us humanoids can take part in to mitigate the sad, lonely, and depressed states us northerners can fall into during the long cold months. Hibernation is tempting, but we must flourish in the frozen beauty nature provides us with. This collection also aims to portray the importance and ephemeral nature of our winters, and how we must stand up for better and more sound ecological practices by businesses, industries, and individuals so that we may keep our beautiful winters. This is my first collection of comprehensive pieces, and is scheduled to premier as Waking Winter, November, 2020 at the Duluth Folk School in Lincoln Park. I will be sharing the show with two other badass lady-biologist-artists:

Kelly O'Brien Beaster and Melissa Boman

Their work can be viewed here:




The name Clyde Fox comes from my time working at Wildwoods Wildlife Rehabilitation Center in Duluth, MN. In summer 2016, a young couple rescued a melanistic red fox (aka silver fox) from a fur farm, with intentions of raising him as a pet. They soon found out that domestic foxes still have wild fox instincts and behaviors, making for a bigger handful than expected. The couple brought the fox kit to Wildwoods, and he soon became known as "Silver." As Wildwoods searched for a sanctuary to place the young fox, I grew fond of him and his quirky personality. As any good nickname comes about, the name "Clyde" seemed to match the fox's personality. As a symbol for my love of the environment and own quirky personality,  I deemed Clyde Fox the name of my artistic expression outlet.

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For questions, collaboration inquiries, or other creative whims, shoot me an email!

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